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More Therapy Less BS

The Government’s War on Our Children

Demanding a Vaccination Exemption in Arizona

An Update on The Gavel Project

The Capistrano Unified School Circus

Ryan Heath on Fox News breaks down a CA school district's proposal to add a Planned Parenthood clinic on a high school campus

The Daily California with Steve Hilton featuring Ryan Heath

California school officials abused children for the purpose of handing out government contracts!

Liberty Station Podcast: Big Pharma Corruption

Let's Cancel College

San Diego County Board of Supervisors destroys category of Female as class of people

The Gavel Project has received recognition as a charitable organization

#65 Covid and the Law (the Fight Continues)

A note for those seeking representation

Please, let's go to court Gavin Newsom

I'm starting a month-long speaking trip across California

What Gavin Newsom's March 12 deadline means for CA Families with K-12 school-aged children

UPDATE: Capistrano School Board Trustee resigns effective IMMEDIATELY due to threatened litigation

A Call for Volunteers

Capistrano School Board Trustee resigns effective IMMEDIATELY

Listen to my message to Gavin Newsom. I'm in your little area now and am leading some protests.

Winning! File a police report for Endangerment: Penal code section 273(a)

Students, unless you want this whack-a-mole game to continue, you need to engage in peaceful civil disobedience now: HERE'S HOW

Man who accosts me for being maskless is.... wait for it... MASKLESS!

This "Ambulance Chaser" runs a nonprofit charitable organization called The Gavel Project

"Mask Mandate Mayhem": Moms, Dads, Pastor, Combat Veteran/Psychology Phd, ATTORNEY speak out at Coronado School Board Meeting

Needs and Wants

I advise you to speak to your own attorneys

Show them you care about Freedom

Show this to your kids on the way to school. Do not comply. Call their bluff.

Attention California Parents! Please join myself, Troy, and CA Attorney Tracy Henderson as we prepare your kids to take off their masks for the last time tomorrow!

We beat the Mandates! Today, we called the Capistrano Unified School District's bluff.

Don’t ignore this post. I know exactly how this kid feels.

A new precedent has been established in California with regards to the pursuit of mask choice in the K-12 setting!

We'll be there! Defeat the Mandates March announced for March 5, Southern CA

Today, 10 am PST, California Litigation Update

Gavel Gear Now Available

I will be on Steve Kirsch's Weekly Zoom tomorrow/Thursday at 4 pm PST

I compare the government reasoning in this video to the government reasoning on COVID-19 policies

I’m posting this photo only to show why I care so much about my work

The February 1, 2022 Irvine Unified School District Board of Education Meeting did not go quite as the Board of Education had planned...

Some attorneys quit their jobs and risk huge portions of their savings for a chance to help others (especially children)

For Immediate Release

#56: Covid and The Law: The Fight Begins

We're in the Wild West now

In Response to The Next Variant, America Should Do Yoga

The Gavel Project in the News

BS Free MD with Drs. May & Tim Hindmarsh tomorrow and Sylen Coleman today

Legal Update: Irvine Unified School District presented with ultimatum by The Gavel Project

Stop. I am not a subject. Protecting children against Covid-19 tyranny

Stop by for a glass of unfiltered truth in The Tavern tomorrow/Sat., Jan. 15 at 3 pm PST

Courage is contagious

Like you, I am enraged with the current state of our Nation. Unlike most others, however, I have plans to solve some of these problems, and I’m just bold enough to try

Ryan Heath on the Love + Life = Happiness podcast

Dr. McCullough joins The Gavel Project as Member of our Case Selection Committee

Universities & The COVID-19 Money Trail

Steve Kirsch's VSRF weekly call features Ryan Heath

TGP Files Amicus Curiae Brief with Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

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