WOW! Go Ryan! You and your beautiful wife are awesome! You are both such an inspiration! Your story of recovery touched my heart and soul.

I am the mother that lost her son to the disease. So your story gives me such hope! Especially in a world that’s falling apart at the seams. We need people like you! Your stamina and determination will save many lives. I am so grateful that you are helping me share my granddaughter’s story, too. A story that allowed a transgender culture to almost kill my child. A society that glorified and encouraged a 14 year old child to mutilate her perfectly healthy body before her brain was even done developing. Heartbreaking tragedy. So having a good man like you in my corner means the world to me. Please keep on fighting the good fight! Never ever give up! My prayers and support are with you. 100%. In God we trust!

“Let the battle cry be heard in the land,
 a shout of great destruction.” Jeremiah 50:22

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Yes. In God we trust!

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